BlueAvocado is Hiring - Product Development Assistant

Product Development Assistant


To assist the product development team in all aspects of pre production product life cycle. Primary responsibilities including assisting product development team communicating and managing sample needs with overseas partners. Vendor communication through development process to make sure all key development stages are met and record keeping.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities (Note: other duties may be assigned)

· Manage Sampling programs - Request samples from both local and overseas sample makers and keep track of progress. Manage all incoming and outgoing samples to keep accurate inventory.

· Communication with overseas partners to ensure all key development stages are met such as, costing received, product testing, lab dips, Strike off requests

· Creation of Line Sheets and additional sales materials needed

· Responsible for BOM data entry upon receipt of samples.

· Responsible for updating technical sketches and BOM for any design change

· Collaborate with Blue Avocado Marketing team to ensure accurate timing of product packaging needs

· Assign and manage product style numbers

· Assign and manage of UPC Codes

· Responsible for assisting the Import department with new vendor set up forms

· Assist product team in creation of print patterns for fabrics.

Education and or Experience

· Bachelors’s degree in Retail buying, Design, or related field preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities,

· Strong organizational and presentation skills

· Ability to communicate ideas accurately

· Familiarity with  design characteristics and knowledge of Pantone Systems

· A good eye for color, detail and functionality of product.

· Strong computers skills, MS Excel, Word and Adobe Illustrator proficiency required

· Proactive, adaptable, with the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines

· in a fast paced environment

· *Strong team player


· Strong annual compensation + bonus on revenue and profit attainment

· Significant equity stake in early-stage business

· Health benefits package powered by Insperity

· Forge partnerships with leading retailers in green space + beyond

· Build a functional team

· Work on innovative sales and marketing initiatives with celebrity designers to draw attention to brand, cause

· Work in family friendly environment and setting with flexible office hours

· Do good. Get it done.

· Have fun.

Please send resume and letter of interest to greenjob@blueavocado.com

About BlueAvocado:

Founded by three women in Austin, Texas, BlueAvocado is a sustainable lifestyle products company that inspires through design, invites change through purpose, and delivers results through product use.  BlueAvocado currently offers a range of shopping, lunch and food storage items that reduce everyday waste by replacing disposable items with durable options, and reclaims waste, like used plastic bottles, to make beautiful products.  BlueAvocado recently launched a new line of eco accessories with celebrity author and designer, Lauren Conrad. The XO(eco)™ line of sustainable lifestyle products, is the first celebrity portfolio designed entirely to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.  Conrad’s XO(eco) product portfolio includes nearly 20 food-on-the-go, travel and cosmetic storage accessories. In partnership with BlueAvocado, Lauren Conrad designed each product and print to echo her style and needs, while addressing the values of a younger generation seeking more environmentally-friendly options.

To date, BlueAvocado products have eliminated more than 128 million disposables, upcycled 3 million plastic bottles through UNFI’s Repreve® certified, recycled polyester fabric, and inspired over 400 micro-entrepreneurs around the globe. BlueAvocado is available at 3500 stores nationwide, including The Container Store,  Whole Foods Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, drugstore.com and Amazon.com. green business is making it easy to keep garbage out of the oceans, preserve natural resources, and empower women entrepreneurs to realize their potential.  Learn more: http://www.blueavocado.com

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BlueAvocado is Hiring! Director of Sales

We are seeking a visionary Director of Sales to lead and manage the company’s next stage of substantial growth and to join our BlueAvocado family! See formal job description below. Send resume, letter of interest and sample pitch on BlueAvocado to greenjob@blueavocado.com

About the Job

BlueAvocado Director of Sales (aka: Green Machine)

Utilizing your relationship building and leadership skills, we will rely on you to direct and manage sales activities of the organization including directing the development of sales plans, marketing strategies, category objectives, and distributor/broker partnership .  This position will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer, and will play an integral role to ensure the organization’s sales targets, channel penetration and profitability objectives are met.

Opportunity Highlights:

  • $10 B Sustainable Living + Home Segment
    • Massive and rapidly growing space
    • Substantial opportunity to deliver value to customers and retailers
  • Leverage success in key national accounts in mass retail to expand marketshare
    • Ability to expand beachhead in key retailers
    • Leverage leading distributor in home retail environment to achieve results
    • Build sales and marketing team to manage the growth
  • Highly differentiated business model and vision
    • Using sustainability as key to “closed loop” vision
    • Create barriers to entry for competitors
  • At pivotal moment for product and company
    • Meeting customer-and investor expectations
    • Equity stake in your value creation


  • In partnership with the key members of the management team, identify how to achieve 2-5x revenue growth goals, and refine the company’s go-to-market “good-better-best” strategy
  • Support and build a sales and marketing team (internal and distributors) to support current national accounts and build pipeline
  • Build and manage distribution partners, including expansion into Canada
  • Provide visible leadership for the company within the industry.
  • Share knowledge, mentor, and educate the organizations’ investors, management, staff, partners, customers, and other stakeholders with regard to the company’s sales initiatives, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Lead strategic planning to achieve business goals by identifying and prioritizing product development initiatives.
  • Develop sales plan and manage pipeline
  • Manage sales team, including internal and distribution partners
  • Work with Marketing team to develop effective marketing strategies and sales tools
  • Communicate solutions, successes, challenges, and state of affairs to the leadership team
  • Develop and manage annual operating and capital budgets.


  • 7-10+ years of experience in sales management with early-stage / high-growth companies
  • Passion for sustainability, reducing our impact, and investing in  micro-entrepreneurs
  • Demonstrated experience with durable consumer products category, preferably some history of “green products”
  • Experience working with customers in multiple retail channels – department store, drug, grocery, specialty, club, discounters, and online retailers
  • Experience as sales person, managing a sales and marketing team, and cultivating distributor partners (Canada, etc.)
  • Outstanding leadership, strategic-thinking, team building, and motivational skills.
  • Have a passion for, and experience with early stage, high growth companies.
  • Experience leading the strategy for successful product development  and marketing teams.
  • Excellent client-facing, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Strong excel skills.


  • MBA
  • Active buyer network
  • Experience in home / travel  / storage /back-to-school segments with established home brands


- Strong annual compensation + bonus on revenue and profit attainment

- Significant equity stake in early-stage business

- Health benefits package powered by Insperity

- Forge partnerships with leading retailers in green space + beyond

- Build a functional team

- Work on innovative sales and marketing initiatives with celebrity designers to draw attention to brand, cause

- Work in family friendly environment and setting with flexible office hours

- Do good. Get it done.

- Have fun.

Please send resume,  letter of interest and a sample “pitch email” on BlueAvocado to greenjob@blueavocado.com

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Happy 2011 - Let Go, Be Free, Dream Big!

With a new year, brings the exercise of creating new intentions, goals, and optimistic aspirations to shape the year ahead with the insight of the past year to fuel the ride. But most importantly, it is a refreshing reminder of prioritizing and putting our biggest dreams and desires at the top of our to do list.

In reflecting upon our BlueAvocado 2010 journey, it has been quite a rollercoaster. We were challenged in ways we never imagined and experienced successes that seemed impossible to dream. And with each challenge that seemed to take us to downward to a dip there would be that marrying experience of a peak success just on the other side. Yet, it is the ability to stay in the moment that continues to keep our BlueAvocado pit ripening.

So in an effort to recognize the importance of our rollercoaster year, a few of us took our metaphor to the real world with a trip to six flags. Granted it was winter and many of the uber rollercoasters were closed, but never underestimate the thrill of a good log ride (and of course the kiddy tea cups)! Regardless of the magnitude of the ride, it is the thrill of the moment that makes it worth it. I personally can say that while I am super grateful for our 2010 rollercoaster year, I wouldn’t mind just a bit more “coasting” in 2011.

And with this we wish all of our BlueAvocado family the bestest of well wishes in the year ahead. As just one of our many intentions, we are making it a priority to share more with YOU. You will be meeting more members of our team and of course be the first in the know of the amazing new products that we will be launching this year. In the meantime, let go, be free, and dream big. And when all else fails, take that all important moment of pause to recognize the good things that are surrounding you and flood yourself with gratitude. Happy 2011!

Big Luv! ~ Paige

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Happy 40th Earth Day! Reflections Of….

Forty years ago on April 22, 1970 the first Earth Day was held.  The state of the environment was not on the national political agenda and Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted to change that. With the support of President Kennedy, he had a vision of tapping the anti-war “teach-ins” movement sweeping college campuses and organizing a huge grassroots protest over what was happening to the environment.  He invited the country to join him and they did. Earth Day was born, and more than 20 million demonstrators, schools and local communities rallied on April 22nd 1970 to share their concern over the state of their lands, rivers, lakes and air.

This year marks a milestone event in the environmental movement, celebrating the 40th Earth Day with the largest Climate Rally in history on the National Mall this Sunday, April 24th. Political activists, environmental leaders, and celebrities will share their voice in support of political action and human action that can change the fate of our great planet. Schlumpy, BlueAvocado’s plus-size ambassador for change, will join them, rolling past the memorials that represent the leadership of our great nation – the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Wall, and the White House.  Schlumpy will invite thousands of Americans to kick their plastic bag habit on his crusade to get 1 billion bags off our streets and oceans (just a percent of the more than 340 billion plastic bags we consume every year).

But at BlueAvocado world headquarters, every day is Earth Day. We were inspired by a simple idea. How can we get our Moms, sisters, and friends to take a first step and recognize that environmental action starts with each of us? Our vision is simply to start with a ripple that leads to a splash.  The coolest reusable shopping system was just our first step, we are now taking many more.  Our triple-bottom line vision allows us to measurement of our economic, environmental and social impact every day with a reminder on a red chalkboard that dons our hallway of our stats to date.  And etched above our door way and on every email, we embrace our mission - “Do good. Get it done.”

We strive to make this real – in our processes, our products and our people. In each of our products, we have a carbon footprint label that invites our shoppers to feel good about the difference they are making, reminding them of the plastic bags and CO2 they avoid every time they shop. And our fabric supplier – Repreve by Unifi – helps us make that easy, reclaiming waste (water bottles & yarn) and turning that into the fabulous products are customers love. So together our BlueAvocado customers with the help of our 600 retailers throughout the US and Canada have helped to avoid 20 million plastic bags, more than 1 million pounds of CO2 emissions and over 100 micro-loans via our 1% partnership with Kiva.org

We are on a journey, and it is our belief that we continuously strive for better. But this year, in celebration of the 40th Earth Day we decided to step up our game.  Here are some of the things that we are doing behind the scenes to reduce our impact on the planet and inspire our collective team members to be part of our ripple - to think and act differently.

  • 10% Carbon Footprint Reduction @ World HQ: Every employee calculated our carbon footprint and committed to reduce it by 10% by June 2010, some are taking on projects in their personal life (reusable coffee cups, biking), at their home (air filters) and community (planting school gardens) to find ways to reduce their impact. And we are celebrating this change.
  • Our  Sales Team Greens Up: Much of our national sales team has taken the challenge, calculating their carbon footprint for the first time, and making plans to reduce their impact as part of the Earth Day Network manifesto. We are rewarding them for their actions, too!
  • Inspired Sur La Table Carbon Footprint Awareness & Internal Green Challenge: This Earth Day Sur La Table CEO issued a challenge to employees to calculate their carbon footprint, strive to reduce it, and receive a gift from BlueAvocado.  The company went a step further, and invited their employees to share the ideas of the ways the company could “green its ways” inviting a GRAND PRIZE for the best idea.
  • Support Whole Foods Corporate Team & Stores: BlueAvocado participates with Whole Foods corporate headquarters, inviting their team members to join our billion bag pledge and rewarding them with reusable totes.
  • Schlumpy Takes National Stage: Schlumpy will take on the millions at the National Mall in DC this weekend with a goal to get closer to his goal of 1 billion plastic bags, just a fraction of the 340 billion we consume each year that litter our beaches and highways.

So if you haven’t already – calculate your carbon footprint – now.   If you need some ideas on ways to invite change and become a more conscious shopper, click here.  If you are paralyzed as to how to take the first step and don’t know where to start, dump your green guilt for good as it relates to keeping you from going green. Share your concerns with Schlumpy Nation and we will work together (with Schlumpy) to transform it into something magical! And if you’re looking for something to do in your community, find Earth Day activities that you can be a part of right now.  And at the end of the day, it is about reflecting on those values that lie at your personal core and inviting change from that place. Afterall, we are all on the journey - together!

Because just like Senator Gaylor Nelson realized 40 years ago – a spontaneous response at the grassroots level can invite real change.  You are proof of that.

Happy 40th Earth Day to our BlueAvocado family – from one small green business inviting the world to “do good and get it done.”

Big luv! Melissa, Amy & Paige


Schlumpy’s A Rock Star @ Lollapalooza

Recently Schlumpy and the billion bag pledge made a stop at Lollapalooza’s Green Street in Chicago. Not only did he and our amazing team brave the rain (thanks TKO), but he got some serious luv and made a HUGE impact. Check out Schlumpy in the Chicago Sun Times! To date Schlumpy has helped to keep 646,341 plastic bags off the street (and we’re not done calculating:-)

Check out all of Schlumpy’s new friends on our Facebook page and keep an eye out for Schlumpy at Austin City Limits Festival on October 2-4. Thanks to C3 Presents for this incredible opportunity to make a huge impact and for making Schlumpy such a rockstar!!


Pay It Forward Friday - Get Ready!

It is back to school week here in Texas, and for us, that means the opportunity to start anew! Missy started exercising for the first time in 3 years, Amy took a much well deserved couple of days off in honor of her birthday:-), and I have managed to find a bit of time to tap into some vintage inspiration.

But more importantly, as we prepare for our one year anniversary (and the launch of our new winter/spring line which we think you wil luv!!), we are reminded of the core values and our vision in creating BlueAvocado.  One of the key components of that vision is to create an impact  - “where the act of one effect the lives of many.”

And so, as a reminder to ourselves, we wanted to mark a day to consciously start “paying it forward.” Clearly pay it forward is nothing new.   Movies have been made. Studies have been conducted proving that kindness strengthens our immune system. Our favorite talk show hosts (ie. Ellen Degeneres) and self help gurus have conducted social experiments. And now, even iPhone apps are available.

So we are taking it down to basics with our first “Pay It Forward Friday.”  This is simply a step we can take together to collectively set the intention to do good!

We also want to support you in your effort to “Pay It Forward.”  For every 5th person who shares how they get the good on via Facebook and every 20th person who RT our  ”Pay It Forward Friday” message on Twitter, we will provide a free bag for yourself or to pass on to a friend in need of some plastic bag detox.

There are no rules as to how you pay it forward - it could be a donation to your favorite charity, reaching out to a long lost friend or loved one, giving a bigger tip at your favorite eatery, helping a homeless person, letting someone in fron of you in traffic, or flashing a spectacular smile at a stranger. The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait for the sharing to begin!

Look for our reminder Friday on Facebook and Twitter. Here is to ripples that make waves.  As always, thanks for joining the journey!


Confessions: Outing Our “Inner HSN”!

Editor’s Note: The following opinions are explicitly representative of Paige only. Missy and Amy (thankfully) would never be caught dead coming clean with such confessions below.

I remember the day clearly. Earth Day – 2008. We had just completed the first official version of our business plan and begun to circulate it amongst potential angel investors. I was home channel surfing and found myself in a green programming dream. As a stereotypical “thirty-something female LOHAS consumer” I was a sucker for how this new wave of sustainability had taken on a sudden hip new theme as 30 RockOprah, and other media outlets embraced a new approach to green messaging. Suddenly I found myself on HSN – my heart stopped. Not only had it looked as if they had gone through a new re-branding effort that immediately caught my eye, but I saw that some of my favorite brands were scheduled to be featured.  It was at that moment, deep in my core, I knew – BlueAvocado MUST be on HSN. 

Now first you may ask why would I even recognize that HSN has re-branded? Well, I can’t hide it anymore – I HEART HSN. Perhaps it is the genetic obsession with infomercials we watched while growing up (I am convinced that my father is the first man ever to purchase exercise equipment from TV almost 20 years ago – the Nordic Track), or maybe it is the fact that I am sucker for some good ole’ innovation and the unique spirit of all things entrepreurial. Regardless – I am fascinated and hooked.

It took a period of incubation and some amazing tenacity on the sales front, but a few months later our sales rep had called and the initial first contact at HSN had been made – and there was interest!!

Fast forward almost a year and half after that first “green” HSN moment in my living room, and our dream has manifested into a reality. So as we make our debut on HSN today, I am beyond excited to absorb every aspect of this fascinating subculture of American consumerism. We are joining a long legacy of entrepreneurs and inventors, and we are humbled to be part of this new family.  Check our twitter feed for the latest updates and join us as we all “OUT OUR INNER HSN”!!

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The Raspberry Gro Chronicles - Part I

There is no question, we have the best customers ever! We really like to call them family (in fact many of them are:-).  From the random citings we see of savvy sisters sporting their BlueAvocado gro-pak around town, to the honest feedback we have received on how to improve our product line and processes,  we got some SERIOUS luv to give. In fact, our solid line was in large part inspired by the men in our lives who so clearly expressed that “we do the shopping too.”

So when we received the following testimonial from one of our new BlueAvocado family members, we knew we must be doing something right to inspire such a hilarious and honest take of a day in the life of a gro-pak. Yes, she wrote in the voice of the raspberry gro.  We always had a dream of personifying our bags, and thanks to this creative and lovable take, we may just have to revisit. Please keep in mind that this is simply one of four emails we received. We will keep you updated.  The “Raspberry Gro Chronicles,” may just be a new staple here on The Pit Stop!  Thanks to “Rosie” for making us laugh and inspiring us.

Dear Missy, Paige and Amy:

I would like to tell you the story about my arrival.  It seems as though “my family” had suitcases packed and placed at the door and were walking out to get in the car and proceed to the airport when I arrived with the UPS man.  I was certainly surprised when Rosie opened my package, said, “Oh, that is soooo exciting!  John, I am going to take this wonderful tote to the beach!”  Well, she kind of carefully placed me in a small zipper compartment of her suitcase.  I might say I was just a little frightened wondering where we were going.  I was here to help with the groceries for heaven’s sake.  I had no idea what she had in mind for me.

I rumbled around in the suitcase and you won’t believe who I ran into.  I was in the same suitcase as pod! Now, not just any ole pod… but the halloween pod that she bought in October.  OMG  we had a great reunion.  She told me that she is always in Rosie’s purse and used so often that she even goes on vacations, etc.  She was very glad to see me and we have had so much fun.

I am sending you a picture of us at the beach.  As you can see, we were used to carry toys, etc.  We were beach bags and have been hanging out together all day.  I just love my new home.  I will write you more later…I an so busy holding sea shells, goggles, sunscreen, crocs and valuable things like cameras.  I am very important to the family and feel so good about myself.

Thank you for sending me here.  I will write more later.

Love, Raspberry Gro

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Got Luv - Stick It!

In the midst of moving offices, forecasting  sales goals, gaining customer traction, fulfilling orders, pursuing press, creating new products/patterns, etc, (big sigh), we managed to squeeze in some time to get our new space in check through a Feng Shui Consultation.

While there were many insights that have had an immediate shift in our environment and personal energy levels, we have created a new ritual over here at BlueAvocado HQ.  It is basically an appreciation wall. Under the advisement of our Feng Shui Consultant and our obsession with sticky notes (which we recycle), we have created  3 simple steps to our “BlueAvocado Stick It Theory” that allows us to celebrate and in some cases recalibrate after a frustrating situation.

1. Take a moment of pause
2. Feel the luv
3. Stick It! (with a sticky of course).

This theory can be used to express to others or just to share a moment (ie. I am grateful we are on Amazon, I am glad that Ruby (Missy’s daughter) did not stick a tortilla up her nose this morning, I am grateful for my family, etc.))

We have also found that this can be a great tool when we are feeling frustrated with either each other or someone else. For example if by chance we may be having an issue, we take a pause, try to see at least one glimmer of good, and stick it!   So for all of us who so easily can get wrapped up in victim of our own circumstance, may we suggest a good ole’ “Stick It!!”

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Dear InStyle - Thank You!!

As founders of BlueAvocado, Missy, Amy and I could not be more different. We are three women from completely different styles and sensibilities. However there are a few common ties - InStyle being one of them!

Yes, like most women, we each have our own secret (or not so secret) crush on the magazine. While Missy and Amy treasure those rare moments they have to themselves to soak in all the latest fashion musings when not being super moms, for me, there are few days that grant me as much pleasure as receiving my InStyle in the mail. It marks an official golden ticket to do nothing but bask in all the deets of the monthly bible of fashion.

So when we got word that our beloved gro was about to make it’s debut in the May issue of InStyle with Jennifer Garner on the cover, we were beyond thrilled. Being the cautiously optimistic one of the crew, I refused to believe that it was actually happening until I saw it in person - making that trip to the mailbox in April extra thrilling (after checking like a mad woman for days:-)

And just when we thought we couldn’t have more love for InStyle, we were contacted by them regarding a launch party in NYC of their new hair issue with John Freida.  They wanted the gro to be “the bag” of all the fabulous goodies that all the “A listers” attending the event (ie. Ali Larter) would be receiving.

As if all of that was not enough - they sent us a goody bag as a thank you! I mean SERIOUSLY, it is just too much.  I was like a kid on the morning of Chrismukkah when I opened the fedex box and saw the InStyle branded umbrella (super cute), note pads, thank you notes, and so much InStyle love I was beyond myself.

We are beyond grateful to everyone at InStyle for all the support and want to say an official thank you for helping us to spread the BlueAvocado luv and support our vision to help make the planet billions of pounds lighter.  Welcome to the BlueAvocado family Instyle - we heart you!!

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