Remembering Your Bags

"I always forget..." we know, so do we. So below are some tips and tools to make the BlueAvocado family a part of your everyday life.

Number 1 set the intention.
perhaps a bit too out there for some, but setting your intention with each purchase is the first step. As soon as you unload, take them back to your car or put them by the back door. Try this for 10 days, and you will kick the bag forgetfulness habit ASAP!

Number 2 honor your excuses.
"but I use plastic bags for diapers, dog poop, kitty liter." No worries, there are great biodegradable alternatives. Some of our favorites include... muttmitts and poopbags.

Number 3 bag clutter.
If you're a first generation reusable bagger, then you probably have bags out the wazzoo- a few ways to clear the bag clutter:

  • donate to a local shelter
  • find a local designer who works with plastics/materials - check out craigslist
  • reuse the cheaper bags for gift wrapping or storage
  • take to a thrift store - that old canvas bag is vintage fashion just waiting to happen!

And once you're done with BlueAvocado product, send it back to us and we'll make sure it's upcycled in the most effective manner to our existing product line or donated to one of our local shelters.

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