Founded by women entrepreneurs, BlueAvocado wanted to use the power of business to create social value by empowering women entrepreneurs locally and globally. Since inception, the company has partnered with organizations including Kiva and Whole Food's Whole Planet Foundation and invested 1% of sales which enables micro-loans ranging from $145-$2,000 that are rapid and continually cycle inside the partners' financial institutions.

As a Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance Partner, BlueAvocado is helping to end the cycle of poverty and enable women to realize their potential by offering reusable bags featuring designs inspired by the global communities that receive micro-loans from Whole Planet Foundation. Most economic development experts estimate that a micro-entrepreneur will lift five others along with her, so by investing in more than 500 women, our BlueAvocado customers have helped us improve the lives of more than 2,200 people around the world.